Tamar Jackson
Tamar JacksonDirector of Community Engagement, WorkForce Central

Tamar Jackson currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement for WorkForce Central. Born and raised in Tacoma, he is passionate about making this city the best place to live. He strives to spur change that community leaders are seeking, meeting the current community needs and addressing challenges that come with a changing demographic. Tamar values collaboration and instinctively brings teams together that leverage the strengths of each individual. His motivational approach to problem solving turns challenges into opportunities.

Karissa Thompson
Karissa ThompsonCommunity Engagement Officer, Red Canoe Credit Union

As a Community Engagement Officer for Red Canoe Credit Union, Karissa spends her time and focus on building community and finding ways to inspire healthy culture through a lens of equity and inclusion for all. Fully supported by a credit union that recognizes the value of community investment, she is able to identify need, create resources and build coalition.

Her 25 years in the banking industry, has allowed her to navigated the corporate structure serving in many capacities from Branch Management, to Project Specialist and Corporate Trainer. Throughout it all, she sparked a passion for empowerment – development of others to achieve in both their professional and personal lives.

By giving people tools to incorporate and enhance all aspects of client experience, empathetic leadership and team development structured on a foundation of inclusive practices. Karissa serves on several local boards and assists businesses, non-profits and schools in training, collaboration and working with local leaders to help make our community a better place. Her passion and purpose is always helping others find their own.