Our Approach

The name Eight Twenty-Eight has several meanings and interpretations, yet all merge to one central theme – “New power gained by trial and testing.” We chose Eight-Twenty Eight as our company name to represent both the heights of our full potential as well as the depths of sacrifice and struggle necessary to get there. We practice transformational leadership through deep listening, poignant courage and intentional practice.

Culture Design

We assess all levels in the organization while designing and implementing an equitable inclusive leadership strategy. We assist in mapping relational progress and quality of relationships, focusing on Equity and Inclusion goals.

Leadership Development

We walk side by side with leaders to determine their holistic effectiveness, focusing on leading through others, leading through the lens of legacy, succession planning, and linking organizational values to the broader community.

Performance Coaching

Through our coaching, we aim to be fully engaged, listening with our heart, intellect, and intuition by taking into account everything spoken and unspoken. We curate a plan based on what we’ve deducted through conversation, and determine what is both possible and probable.

“Lawrence’s ability to connect our Intercultural Development Inventory assessment results with our personal history and role in our company was invaluable. Our team began this journey reluctant and after meeting with Lawrence were energized and ready to go deeper.”

“Leadership is Inclusion and Inclusion is Leadership”

Our Clients

Educational Institutions

In order for the Eight Twenty-Eight Team to effectively serve in this arena, we request working with three levels within the organization; The admin level, staff level and student level to en sure success. We recognize it takes a collective and all-inclusive effort to shift a culture for maximum performance.

Private Sector

We begin our work here with requesting business organizations to take an organizational assessment and 45-minute complimentary feedback session. Business are faced with the harsh reality of attempting to address the hidden caste system within capitalism while also achieving business outcomes. With Eight Twenty-Eight by their side, we will accomplish both.

Non-Profit & Government

We begin our assessment with identifying equity leadership currently within the organization and building pathways for partnership and improving outcomes. Here we emphasis equitable and inclusive leadership, is leadership.