L.E.A.P. to C.U.R.E.through LEADERSHIP

Coaching and Consulting
Equity and Inclusion
Leadership Development

Our Approach

1 | Assess

Assess the organizational “current state” as it relates to equitable policies, practices, and people and identify those that are in support of or that may undermine equity.

2 | Develop

Create a learning process that is both systemic and sustainable, including culturally responsive strategies and outcomes.

3 | Grow

Scale learning and coaching across the organization to institutionalize priorities intended to create a more equitable environment.

4 | Sustain

Maintain and strengthen the DEI progress by committing to measuring outcomes and closing disparities.

“Leadership is Inclusion and Inclusion is Leadership”

L.E.A.P. Coaching and Consulting:

Listening | We aim to be a fully engaged and integrated listener. That means listening with our heart, intellect and intuition by taking into account everything shared and not shared.

Evaluation | We look at evaluation on three levels. What we’ve deducted, what’s uncertain and what’s possible. This allows us to create “meaning” together.

Application | Steps towards change have to be clear and concise, even if the desired results can’t be guaranteed.

Partnership | In order for any meaningful and sustainable exchange to happen in the world of performance management, there has to be a partnership for success.

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C.U.R.E. Equity and Inclusion:

Customization | Every organization is different. The history, people, culture, the spatial design and goals all play a role in creating an equitable and inclusive space for all to thrive. We design tailored solutions fitting for each of our clients.
Utilization | We take a holistic approach assessing all levels in the organization while designing and implementing an equitable inclusive leadership strategy.
Relationship | Nothing works without healthy relationships. We assist in mapping relational progress and quality of relationships.
Evaluation | We examine our clients current “measurables” in terms of Equity and Inclusion goals and seek to strengthen and adjust accordingly.

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Leadership Development

Phase 1 | Maximize your leadership ethos, style and practice while also adapting to others.

Phase 2 | Igniting the best from your team. In this phase, we focus on the skill of deep listening to connect and inspire.

Phase 3 | Mentorship, legacy and succession planning. Here, we focus on leading from a distance and empowering others to lead in your absence.

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Our Clients

Educational Institutions

In order for the Eight Twenty-Eight Team to effectively serve in this arena, we request working with three levels within the organization; The admin level, staff level and student level to en sure success. We recognize it takes a collective and all-inclusive effort to shift a culture for maximum performance.

Private Sector

We begin our work here with requesting business organizations to take an organizational assessment and 45-minute complimentary feedback session. Business are faced with the harsh reality of attempting to address the hidden caste system within capitalism while also achieving business outcomes. With Eight Twenty-Eight by their side, we will accomplish both.

Non-Profit & Government

We begin our assessment with identifying equity leadership currently within the organization and building pathways for partnership and improving outcomes. Here we emphasis equitable and inclusive leadership, is leadership.

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